When I am not cooking, cleaning or doing laundry, I am making jewelry! I started this hobby a few years ago as an outlet to sink my creative juices into and something else I could do besides just being a mommy. All moms need an outlet and creating is mine! I was out shopping one day (LOVE to shop) and I really wanted some jewelry that was fun and funky, something that was sort of on the edgy side that had LOTS of bling! I didn't see what I was thinking about in my head, (and what I found was outrageous in price) so I decided to make it myself. My head was spinning with ideas, so I headed home and started researching soldering techniques and materials. As I made pieces and started wearing them, women would stop me and ask me where I got my jewelry. Before I knew it, I was selling my creations to moms at my son's pre-school, the mall or in the grocery store. (sometimes selling them off my neck!) All of the sudden, a business was born...
JustB...Jewelry to make your wardrobe jealous!
It's nice to make a few extra dollars here and there, but the biggest reward is seeing someone wearing your jewelry and having their friends or family call you to tell you they have to have one of your pieces! I have a few things in boutiques, sold several in the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo and in the near future will be featured on a few web sites. I don't have my own web site for fear that I won't be able to keep up. I like to keep this business small and manageable because after all, I have 3 kids and a house to run! Since I always have people asking me if I have a web site or pictures, I have been working on taking photos and emailing them out. Here is a small slideshow of just a few things I have on hand right now but there will always be more to come! Creativity does NOT have an off switch!

May 24, 2009


After much thought (and saving) we decided to get a pool! We are really excited about turning our huge backyard into an oasis. They started construction this past thursday and moved much faster than we thought they would, as you can see. All of this was done in 3 days!! The kids are past the point of excitement. Seeing the pool "shell" in the back yard is like waving a piece of candy in front of their face. Yesterday the kids wanted to get in the bottom of the pool, since NO children are allowed in the back yard, they were dying to check it out. We thought that would be fine and we could get a cute picture of them at the same time. Well, as they got out and started walking along the EDGE of the pool, (yes, of course I was telling them in my over protective mom voice to GET DOWN NOW) Gray fell in head first. I was just walking toward him to grab his hand to avoid this very thing. Time stood still as I watched my baby fall into an empty pool. He reached his hand out to break his fall, therefore saving his head from a more severe head injury. As I screamed, daddy took him inside and tried to calm him down. He had a big knot on his head, a very swollen wrist and a bloody knee. Daddy took him to the ER because I was still in panick mode with tears running down my face. After x-rays and a cat scan to check his head, we were told that his head was fine but he had a buckle fracture in his arm and would have to wear a cast for 4-6 weeks. I feel really bad for him and I am wondering how we are going to tell him that he can't swim in the much anticipated pool for 6 weeks?? (sigh) Maybe the kids will start listening to me the FIRST time I tell them something? Hmmmm, I doubt it.

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